“TAMMRA SIGLER & SHARON WOLPOFF” : Geometry and Other Myths
April 1-May 28, 2017  American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center.
“Tammra Sigler and Sharon Wolpoff are artists, not scientists or theologians.  They use geometry, psychology, and spirituality as myths to explain what we cannot know directly, but only indirectly through our engagement with metaphors.  As viewers, we can appreciate the beauty of their art, and participate with the artists in finding our way to a meaningful life.”

—Jack Rasmussen  Director and Curator American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center,  Washington DC.

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SHARON WOLPOFF & TAMMRA SIGLER: Geometry and Other Myths
“…the home and garden in these paintings is not really a home and garden.  It’s a metaphor for my inner self. …every one of these paintings is a piece of my inner self on a given day or under different circumstances.  So the home and garden is a springboard for what I know about being a woman.  It’s about my gentle self and my harsh self, my frightened self and my safe or calm self, my joyful self and my less-than-joyful self.” 
-Tammra Sigler   written by Janice Paine, Gulfshore LifeClick for more information (PDF)
Gulfshore Life Magazine Article
“When I was a student of 18 or 19  I’d go to the paint store for new tubes of paint.  I’d buy the three colors that i needed.  Then I would ask myself, ‘What is the most obnoxious color you see here?’  And I’d buy it and make it work.”  
-Tammra Sigler    author Julie Clay, Ft. Myers Magazine
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Fort Myers Article

“Artists in Their Studios”


“…..her uninhibited art fills the room with color and vibrance”  -Ruth Dwyer

Artists in their studios